"If you're not a Left Lane Driver then get out of the Left Lane!"

Media contact for interviews, etc: jat@leftlanedrivers.org

Left Lane Drivers of America interviews can really spice up Morning and Afternoon Drive shows. Always a lively discussion with eager callers filling the queue to express their strongly-held opinions. This is a hot topic and can be easily adapted to both serious and light-hearted venues.


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"From my point of view...you are the Paul Revere...you are the Mother Theresa of traffic""
—Jan Mickelson          
The Morning Drive Show          
WHO Radio          
"Slow drivers in the Left Lane are the leading cause of high blood pressure for Americans like me.  J.A. Tosti for Surgeon General!"
—Mike McConnell          
Premiere Radio Network          
"Left Lane Drivers of America says what a lot of us have been thinking about roadhogs in the Left Lane. It was a fun interview. Recommended!"
—Phil Parker          
Clear Channel Network          
'MOVE OVER for J. A. Tosti! This guy (and the Left Lane Drivers of America organization) is saying what we've all been thinking."
—Tom Roten          
News Talk 800          
'People thought J.A. Tosti was right on, and nuts! My idea of a fun guest!'
—Johnny B.          
WLUP, The Loop          
'J.A. Rocks! He lit up the phone lines on Left Lane Drivers. The interview made for some great radio. I"d recommend him to any other talk show host and look forward to having him on again.'
—Eddie Fingers          
'The Big One' 700 WLW          
'Your appearance on the show was an hour in the fast lane! Buzzed right by. Good info, good calls!'
—Dave Krusenklaus          
'Kruser & Krew'          
Lexington, Ky.          
'J.A. was fantastic!!! Tons of information and stories. Well worth booking.'
KIIM-FM 99.5          
Tucson, AZ.          
'Thanks to J.A. Tosti and Left Lane Drivers of America. Our phones went crazy AND we haven't reported an incident of road rage since he was on the show! Thanks, Left Lane Drivers of America, for making the lives of our listeners better, for reducing MY stress level, and for sending Mr. Mxyzptlk back to the 5th dimension.....REVO EVOM!'
—Brady Russell          
News/Talk 1480 WHBC          
'I can't speak for J.A. Tosti's politics, but when it comes to driving, he shares my frustration with the left. Left lane slowpokes need to move over! It's the right thing to do. Thanks for leading the charge, J.A.! Thanks for coming on the show.'
—Bud Hedinger          
'Bud Hedinger Live!'          
540WFLA Orlando          
To hear this interview, click here.          
'Insightful, fun...J.A. Tosti puts common-sense back behind the wheel. Left Lane Drivers of America...the right move for any Radio Host.'
—Scott Holcomb          
'The Morning Magazine'          
Englewood, Fl.          
'J.A. Tosti...Insightful, motivating, and entertaining and all in 10 minutes or less. Give this man a Doctorate of Driving and let him explain why Left Lane Drivers of America should get the support of anyone that wants to drive safely and get to their destination on time!'
—Randy Rhinehart          
Executive Producer          
'Auto Smarts Radio Network'