"If you're not a Left Lane Driver then get out of the Left Lane!"
"I fully support your campaign and agree this little reminder of yours could prevent many road rage incidents which begin with the HUGE problem of inconsiderate drivers failing to yield to faster traffic..."
                               —Officer C.D., Law Enforcement & Investigations, California

Over the past few years, traffic has become increasingly congested and tempers now flare as slower drivers occupy what has been historically referred to as the "fast lane".
It's time to get that Left Lane back! It is our considered opinion that not only will traffic move more smoothly and more quickly once the Left Lane is used in the way it has been designed but also headaches, frustration, bad tempers and road rage will all be greatly reduced when this pressure valve is released. It's time to reduce this unnecessary stress. It's time that...

Left Lane Drivers Unite!

We invite you to join Left Lane Drivers of America, a growing, grassroots effort to reclaim the Left Lanes on our freeways and multiple lane highways. To do this, those of us who are genuine "Left Lane drivers" are politely but firmly reminding others what the Left Lane is for. We are doing this with the copyrighted ™ and ™ Windshield Decals (which also serve as the Trademarked Logos for LeftLaneDrivers.org). These not-so-subtle reminders read correctly when seen through a rearview mirror (see photos above and below), making slower drivers in front of you more aware of the need to leave the Left Lane open to faster moving traffic.

Again, the idea is to provide other drivers with a polite but firm reminder. When a slower driver reads the copyrighted ™ or ™ Windshield Decal on your car or truck he or she will often take the hint and will either pick up the pace and speed up or move to another lane. What's more, they will probably be reluctant to "park" themselves in the Left Lane from that point on.

Order your Windshield Decal TODAY!

The ™ and ™ windshield Decals are made of the highest quality, heavy-duty, high-tech perforated vinyl and have been shaped to fit the curvature of car and truck windshields. In addition to looking terrific on your vehicle, this revolutionary breakthrough in material design is highly visible to other drivers and yet is virtually transparent from inside the cockpit, allowing a full field of unobstructed vision while driving (see pictures for details). Cost for one decal is $49 plus FREE SHIPPING. Order your Windshield Decal TODAY and help spread the word! To order, click ORDER below to go to our secure site.

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Bottom Line: Moving over is a matter of courtesy. It is a matter of safety. It is a matter of doing one's part to help traffic flow smoothly. And it is the law in many states: "Stay to the right except to pass". Left Lane Drivers of America invites you to do your part and take this positive step to help improve traffic flow on today's overcrowded, pressure-packed freeways and to help reduce instances of road rage, hazardous driving and untimely, often deadly accidents. Order your Left Lane Drivers of America Windshield Decal TODAY!